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Staging, Kitting & Break-fix

CLS’s configuration center in NJ offers a staging and kitting area, as well as a break-fix program, making deployment as flawless as possible.

Staging & Kitting

Whether you are deploying 20 new computers or an entirely new network system for 300 locations, logistics and experience is the key to success. All equipment your project requires is shipped directly to our NJ configuration center, where our trained technicians will pre-configure everything with all necessary hardware & software. “Kits” are created for our technicians in the field and shipped directly to your site. Leave the stress of receiving multiple shipments, storing until time for deployment, & keeping track of missing parts to our team.


Do you have multiple locations, where the equipment’s reliability is critical to your business? Inquire about our “Break-fix” program! We will keep on hand back-ups of all your necessary equipment – if something breaks, it will be shipped to our NJ configuration center, while a replacement is immediately dispatched. Our on-site technicians will work to fix whatever problem has occurred – if the piece of equipment is not capable of being fixed, it will be kept for “back-up” parts for other broken equipment.