IP Network Deployments and Project Management

At CLS, our goal is to provide the most seamless solution possible for your networking needs. By bringing all the best partner resources and expertise to the planning table early on, CLS ensures a trouble-free installation that’s on time and on budget. From installations and deployments to upgrades and tenant retrofits, our experience in project management will become your trusted solution.

Data Destruction -Regardless of the industry, CLS recognizes the importance of data destruction and hard drive sanitation in order to safeguard the most valuable assets of your organization. In doing so, we offer two methods for data destruction, which include complete digital wiping and total physical destruction. While our methodical operations guarantee the highest standards are met in permanently removing data through digital wiping, clients needing an extra level of assurance can take advantage of our environmentally responsible, physical destruction services. Give yourself peace of mind by ensuring your data is still secure tomorrow, by putting our data destruction services to use today.


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