IP, IoT Equipment Procurement and Staging

Through certified partnerships with best-in-class OEMs, Command Line Systems offers a robust selection of reliable network equipment and technology solutions.   CLS is the trusted provider you need on your side when it comes to revamping your IT, IP or telecommunications systems.

Industry Specific Solutions CLS provides solutions for a wide range of government and private sector clients including states, municipalities, office buildings and residential towers.  We’ve designed and implemented IP networks for these clients nationally. Our Company provides a reliable network solution that meets your industry’s specific needs from a trusted leader in networking and IT equipment.

R2 Certified Electronics RecyclingOur R2 certified recycling is your guarantee that CLS’ operations comply with the highest environmental standards to maximize reuse and recycling, minimize harm to the environment, ensure safe management of materials by downstream vendors, and responsibly destroy all data on used electronics. Through auditing and other rigorous operational assessments, CLS has consistently demonstrated our operations meet the highest environmental standards in order to protect worker safety and reliably manage used electronics. Be a part of the global, environmental solution with CLS’ responsible recycling services.



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