Command Line Systems (CLS) is an  end-to-end service provider with nationwide deployment capabilities. CLS also provides nationwide equipment procurement and logistics services for major IP networking & IoT equipment OEM’s

CLS specializes in:

    • IP, IoT Equipment Procurement and Staging
    • Ethernet PoE Lighting solutions for commercial and residential applications
    • Government Transportation Markets providing mobile IP-IoT-Wi-Fi Solutions
    • Network Deployments providing IP/IoT/PoE equipment installation.


Our goal is to provide customers from Federal and State Agencies, Municipalities and Enterprise Office, Condo and Apartment Towers with innovative, environmentally responsible solutions for all their IP/IoT needs.

Maria Allen, CEO, stated “Command Line Systems standards of operation provide our clients with a guarantee that we will adhere to the highest quality standards and procedures when it comes to our responsibilities in providing leading edge, energy efficient network solutions.”

Our organization is committed to ensuring quality, transparency, and environmental responsibility to all of our clients. CLS has the project management and engineering support to define, deploy and support all of your IP/IoT networking needs.

CLS is certified as an EDWOSB, SDB, WOSB, ESBE, WBE, New York State, New York City and Texas Hub. This means partnering with us can provide you with knowledge and expertise, while fulfilling all of your diversity partner needs.

From customizing all of your IP, IoT, & PoE needs to providing responsible R2 recycling for your end-of-life electronics, Command Line Systems is a complete life cycle solutions partner.


The Mission

At Command Line Systems, our mission is to provide our clients secure and reliable networks today and the next generation solutions of tomorrow.


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